Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Disneyland Christmas, Last Day

Alas, all good things must eventually come to an end, and today we drove home from Disneyland.

Before we left, Seanie and Bryan decided to buy Disney annual passports, promising more visits in the future. Awesome. Jeannie and I went to a pin kiosk that was supposedly having some sort of event, but instead of an awesome bonanza of pin-trading, Disney was simply releasing "Sword in the Stone" pins that contained a bit of film in each pin. People were picking over the pins, trying to find the best cels. It's a cool idea, don't get me wrong - but "Sword in the Stone" wasn't one of the Disney movies I enjoyed.

We decided to drive back to San Jose via Hollywood, so that we could check out Disney's Soda Fountain. See, it has this special sundae that you can order; two kinds of ice cream, marshmallow whip and cherries and who knows what else. That's not the cool part, although ice cream is always awesome. This sundae also comes with a limited edition pin...and as we were in full PINS ARE AWESOME mode, Jeannie and I HAD TO HAVE OUR PINS.
Even better: the pins had Stitch on them. Nothing makes ice cream taste better than getting it with Stitch.

But as cool as the Soda Fountain was, we could only stay for a minute, because poor Seanie was trying to get back to San Jose as quickly as possible so that he could work. He hadn't managed to get the evening off - after all, two days before Christmas is crazy busy for a website that focuses on electronics - so he was driving driving and stressing. Poor guy. All the Disney magic was nearly gone from his system by the time we got back to San Jose.

But we still have the memories!

Disneyland is so awesome <3 Everyone agrees!
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