Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Blew his house with its blown out windows ka-boom

If you're from Branham, you might want to stop now. Or at the very least, skip the first paragraph, which involves someone you know who is not me. (I mean, it might be bad for you to read it. Although I know she'll tell you eventually, it's better if she tells you and not me...oh, I don't know. Read it, if you'd like. Just try to act surprised tomorrow.)
So "H" called me at about 7:30 in tears because her father is being a butthead. She was very obviously hurt and in emotional pain and I didn't know what to say and that made me think that, as a friend, I was totally letting her down. I mean, I made stupid comments that most likely made her feel worse instead of better (I have that talent ^^;;) and that was just bad. After about fifteen minutes I think H decided that it would just be easier to find a more sympathetic and intelligent friend so she hung up. Either that or she just wanted to be alone. Aaaagh. I didn't know what to say. I'll be beating myself up over this all night. So I'll just apologize here, in case H ever wanders by. She knows where this is. Sorry, H. Sorry I'm a lousy friend.
Well, moving on...I didn't make it to first period again so I might have to drop by tomorrow and volunteer to make a test up. Yippee. Otherwise I fail the class or something. I'm not quite sure how Soss grades. X_x I figure for my six weeks my grades are just going to royally suck all around. A in Government & Art, C or D in Physics, B or C in Leadership most likely a C and a C in English. Boo hoo for me. If I get those two A's, though, that's $120, which I can use to pay my parents back. Oh goody.
Leadership was incredibly dull - I needed to use the computer but since a million people need to use it, I had to wait in a line so I effectively did nothing all period. So instead I was talking to Overholser about college and AP and general life crack 101. Yeah. I need a challenge.
We're starting Hamlet in English, and I'm the only one who has read it before. Come on, folks. It's such a basic part of literature. Why didn't you read it in 6th grade? I've read the original play (Shakespeare's spelling and all), the "modernized" version, the Classics Illustrated version, the Classics Illustrated comic book, and a satyrical summary of the plot. I've seen some funny anime version of the play, some ancient black and white film version, and a couple of live performances. So I've done Hamlet. Yeah. Can I just sleep through the next three weeks of class? Yes.
Well, I'm rambling. Ja ne.

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