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First Solo Tour & Spring Semester, Day Two

This morning, I interned at the museum. I was pretty nervous when I got there, because today was the first school tour I led by myself. I knew the material, of course, but there's something slightly terrifying about sixty eyes staring at you expectantly, waiting for you turn thirty little sixth-graders into Egyptologists. I think it went OK, though. Certainly, no one suddenly turned 'round and pointed at me, screaming, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!"


After my two school tours, I was off to school for two anthropology classes. They look pretty cool to me:

ANTH 159, Mummies
Mummies here, mummies there, mummies everywhere!
The professor will start the class off by looking at the mummies of Egypt (which will be very useful for the Rosicrucian, no?) and then take us around the world to study mummies from the Americas, ancient bog people mummies from Europe, modern mummies, so on and so forth. Doesn't that sound simply fascinating??
(I'm easily excited, so sue me.)

ANTH 168, Archaeology Methods
Now this will be a fun class. It's pretty much what it sounds like - Professor M will teach us all about selecting and setting up archeological sites, how to survey and how to dig - basically, everything that needs to happen out in the field. While I would personally prefer to focus on what goes down back at the lab - let someone else do the grunt work! - I think that's all covered in another class so I'll have to take this for the meantime.
I wasn't able to get an add code today because Professor M didn't bring the codes with him, but there were only about ten people in the classroom so getting in certainly isn't a problem. Now I just need to decide whether to drop Forensic Anthropology or petition for a seventh class...
Tags: egypt, rosicrucian, school, sjsu

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