Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's official: Gee hates me.

I knew that I'd be getting assigned some sort of talk at the museum. That's just how it goes. At the beginning of the month, everyone gets assigned a topic or two, handed a script, and a few days later, they regurgitate what little they've managed to memorize. It's an effective system, so long as there aren't any Egyptologists in the audience.

I hoped I'd get a topic like jewelry or cosmetics. These are subjects I don't know all that much about, so I'll definitely learn something, but they aren't as intimidating (or frankly, boring) as the talk on Mesopotamia. No such luck. Gee assigned me the hieroglyphics talk. I find this very frightening, because:
1/ Half the audience gets bored wanders off before it is over
2/ You have to write multiple words and names on a whiteboard, and if the figures look weird someone will surely call you out on it
3/ All the other interns love to gather 'round and watch this talk, so if you make a mistake you'll be ribbed for it the rest of the day.

No pressure, right?
But this is the talk that I was assigned, so I'll learn it. I tried to study the notes for it throughout the day, but it was hard because I was the only intern in the museum for most of the afternoon. Luckily, it wasn't too busy, but there was enough to do that I learned very little.
Tags: rosicrucian

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