Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Working at RHA

I'm sitting here at RHA, feeling grateful that I have the job. (It's almost Thanksgiving, after all - might as well try and think about some of the positive things in my life, rather than stewing the neverending pile of homework.) I mean, even though I'm not working full-time, I have health insurance coverage. Not a ton, but hey, nothing's coming out of my pocket to pay for it so I'll take whatever they're willing to give me. The money that comes in, while not plentiful, covers most of my basic expenses with enough left over to have some fun. Granted, I'm very lucky in that a lot of my basic expenses are already covered - no rent because I live with my folks, decent health so I have no ongoing medical expenses, Dad pays for my cell phone and car insurance. But the paychecks I bring home manage to cover school expenses, gas and car maintenance, and books and food and fun.

The other reason I'm so glad to have this particular job, and not keyholder at Lush or cashier at Sunrise Bakery, is that the nature of receptionist at RHA leaves me with a decent chunk of free time at work. My presence at the office is needed, but beyond my butt in the chair at the front desk there's often little else to do. This gives me five to eight hours a day in which to sit at the desk, getting paid, and do my homework for class or catch up on reading for my blog or watch movies on Netflix. It's very luxurious.

I mean, there are downsides, of course. I don't have free weekends, not like people with standard 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs do. It's a lot harder for me to just suddenly, on a whim, decide to go up to the city to see a Broadway show or visit a museum. But all in all, it's a job very well-suited to my needs.
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