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25 November 2011 @ 09:31 am
Thanksgiving Weekend is nothing special when you're still a student!  
As people around the country gleefully head towards the shopping malls, I hunker down in my home and prepare for an onslaught of  reading and paper-writing.  Oh, for some people Black Friday is a brilliant day for shopping and spending scads of money in anticipation of Christmas, but for me it's just another chance to plug away at Mt. Homework.

Today I'm tackling Roman art and contrasting to precedents set by the Greeks, trying to write a paper about Renaissance art from the viewpoint of a Venetian woman living at that time, and continuing to try and think of something new to say about San Jose's City Hall.

At least I don't work retail anymore; I'm so glad I'm not out there on the streets, dealing with the madness that is shoppers seeking deals. The madness of academics won't try to bite you for failing to stock enough $5 toasters, or whatever the deal of today is at Wal-Mart.