Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Egyptian Musem: Responsibility?

Janelle started at the Egyptian Museum yesterday, which means that I now have a friend as a fellow intern. Yay! Neither of us had mentioned to Gee that we knew each other, so I think I freaked him out a little bit when I greeted Janelle with a big hug this morning. (Totally did that on purpose. It was funny.) He assigned her to shadow me all morning, so as I ran around herding school children through the museum, she followed along. It's so much easier to do the tours with two people that I wish we could always tag-team them, but there's a permanent shortage of interns so that doesn't seem to work out.
Seriously. I started about a month ago, right? The other interns who were in the program when I started have all vanished. Two went back to school, two others finished up their internship and left, except for the occasional visit to help out. That leaves me, just slightly over the one-month mark, as the intern with the longest tenure at the museum.
That's a terrifying thought. I don't know any of the gallery talks beyond the school tours, and sometimes I feel like I'm pretty fuzzy on those, too. I guess I'd better step up my game, because there's no one else to fall back on, now.
Tags: rosicrucian

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