Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Going off to Disneyland again <3

It was pretty quiet at work today. That was gave me plenty of time to daydream about my upcoming trip to Disneyland!

Seanie and I will be flying out tomorrow morning from San Jose's airport on Southwest. They're the only airline that flies between SJC and SNA - better known as Orange County - John Wayne Airport. From there, we'll hop on a shuttle to our hotel across the street from the entrance of the park, and bam! Disney by noon. We'll be staying for several days, flying back home on Valentine's Day. How romantic and sweet is that?
(Yeah, I'm blowing off school. Naughty.)

It's weird to be going back to the park so soon. I mean, I was just there in December at Christmastime! But Seanie's been wound up tighter than a spring for the last couple of weeks...I think he needs some Disney magic to help him relax. So I'm going to go over to his house to pack up his clothes for him, and by tomorrow afternoon he'll be giving Mickey Mouse a big hug.

Time for the magic healing power of Disney!!!
Tags: disneyland, travel, vacation

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