Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Umi no Anata, Umi no Watashi

I'm going to have fun on Friday. Since school's a minimum day, I'll be out at ten or so...then I get to go play with Kris and Sandy at the movies or the mall or something. We haven't decided what we're going to do yet. But after that, it's a night on the town as my Dad takes me up to San Francisco to see the opera Samson and Dalila, which is also very cool. For an added bonus, I'll be meeting Davy for dinner before the Opera, so that will be awesome because I haven't seen him since school started.
Then Saturday I think I'll go harass Kat. She has the Fushigi Yuugi OVA series and I'm going to borrow it. Nya ha ha, as if I wasn't addicted to that enough already.
Anyway, time to talk about something important and deep and stuff. Errr...uh...that is...oh well. Who needs to be deep, anyway?
Umi no Anata, Umi no Watashi means Oceanic You, Oceanic Me. Essentially, anyway. It's a phrase that's been stuck in my head all week. Although it's a lyric from Nikutai no Naka no Koseidai, the reason it's in my head was I was originally going to write a story about mermaids and that was the title. But that story's on hold because half of it got deleted when my computer crashed and I haven't gotten around to re-typing everything yet.
So in English yesterday, Mrs. Clinton said she wanted to use my college entrance essay (you know, the one I wrote fifteen minutes before class started last Friday in a hurried and sloppy fashion) as an example for a teacher who is considering teaching AP next year. What I want to know is an example of what? But Clinton didn't say. X_x How did everyone who has written an essay for college entrance start theirs? Mine goes "Once upon a time in the land of silicon and computer chips there lived a Sam." Isn't that a good opening? I thought so...I think the question was "Introduce yourself creatively." Something to that effect, anyway.
Well, speaking of that essay, I have to go revise it now. Ja ne.

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