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New Year's Resolutions 2012: March

New Year's Resolutions: March Update

1. Get married.
This weekend, Seanie and I will be attending a marriage seminar at the Yosemite Chapel, where we'll meet the pastor who will officiate the ceremony and learn how to have a successful marriage.  When we've completed that, we'll technically have our venue and our that's good.
Beyond that...well, beyond that we haven't got much planned.  During the weekend, we'll meet with a potential photographer - he did Seanie's friend Matt's wedding - and check out the different restaurants at the Yosemite Valley hotels so that we can choose the location for the family dinner that will follow the ceremony.
Have I done anything else?  Gee...
Oh, I ordered my wedding dress!  That's a bit nerve-wrecking.  I ordered a knockoff of a Pronovias gown (which is several years old, so it's not like I can waltz into a local bridal salon and order it) from a Chinese wholesaler, and fingers crossed it will turn out OK!  If it looks good, I essentially got a $2000 wedding gown for only $450.  If it looks bad...well, I guess I'll just have to start crying.

But yes, so much to do, wedding-wise.

2. Move out from my parents' house.
I'm spending more time at Seanie's house because it is so much closer to the Egyptian Museum than my parents'.  Not really 'moving in' yet, though.

3. Get a 4.0.
School is a  hectic, crazy place.  I'm a little bit buried under all the work, to be honest.  I'm not sure I'll he able to pull a 4.0 this semester.

4. Graduate from SJSU.
Crud.  I have to file my graduation paperwork.  Must not forget to take care of that ASAP.

5. Complete at least one internship, preferably two.
Life at the Egyptian Museum just keeps cruising along.  I'm giving talks about hieroglyphics, leading school tours, and trying to butter up the management so that I can work on some more interesting projects.

6. Create an awesome work of art.
Yeah. That hasn't happened.

7. Set up – and stick with – a fitness routine.
Nope.  I haven't done any exercise since...I have no idea when.

8. Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
Explanation of this one: So I have a day planner. Every day I scribble out what I did or topics I want to write about. At some point during the day, I try to get on the computer so that I can write it up as a daily blog entry. Unfortunately, I often get busy and don't get around to writing up that particular day's topic. I've now developed quite a backlog of entries I intend to write, and this year I want to get around to doing it. I know that no one is going to read the backlogged entries, but I think it's important to do just for my own memories' sake.

Yeah.  That hasn't happened.

9. Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
If anything, the review pile has gotten worse.  I got terribly bogged down by one particular novel in January (it killed the joy of reading because it was so slow and in dire need of an editor) and I haven't recovered the time because school has kept me so crazy-busy.

10. Do one thing completely new.
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