Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Weekend in Yosemite: Marriage Seminar

The marriage seminar was OK - more or less what I predicted. Pastor Brent Moore was an absolute sweetheart, and after the seminar I'm feeling so much more confidence in the whole destination marriage idea. I mean, I've got more warm feelings for Pastor Moore after a single day than Chip Ingram has managed to inspire in the 3+ years I attended his church.

Most of the material was taken from the Bible, and focused on how to foster a proper, Biblical marriage. It went over a lot of material that Pastor Dave covered in his "Marriage" series when Seanie and I first went to South Valley Church back in...gee, when was that? 07? 08? Anyway, so the information wasn't really new. But a refresher is certainly helpful. Here's some of what was covered:
- Men need to love their wives; women must respect their husbands.
- Discussion of the roles of husband/wife, as well as the role of 'other' factors like parents, family, etc.
- Conflict resolution, or how not to nag your husband to death.
- Conflict resolution, or how to sacrifice your stupid man-hobbies so your wife is happy.

Sometimes the pastor would say the funniest things. "Sometimes you'll fight. Arguments are OK! When you work through your problems, you get to make up. And making up afterwards is lots of fun!" Nudge nudge, wink wink and all that.

There was only one other couple at the seminar, also from the Bay Area. Their wedding isn't until November, so they've got loads of planning time. I'm rather jealous of that.

After we were finished at the chapel, we went over to the Ahwahnee Hotel and spoke to one of the event planners there. A wedding reception prevented us from physically entering the rooms they have available to rent, but we were able to walk around outside and peek in through the windows. This was fine - we could see how the room might be set up during a celebration. The "Mural Room" - an intimate setting perfect for 35-45 people - looks perfect to me. Seanie and I will have to talk it out with our parents, but I think that will most likely be the place we hold our post-ceremony dinner.

Since the seminar took all day, we didn't get a chance to do any hiking today. Bummer. We won't have a chance to re-enter the park tomorrow, since we have to drive home, but hopefully we'll have more time to look around next time we're up!
Tags: church, wedding, yosemite

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