Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Weekend in Yosemite: Photographers

On our way home from Yosemite this morning, Seanie and I stopped in Mariposa to meet with a potential wedding photographer. This was actually the second photographer we'd met with - yesterday, we met the official Yosemite photographer Dan. Dan was an incredibly nice guy. He was knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, helpful - I could tell that on the day of a wedding, he would be a great person to have around because he'd make you laugh and help keep the nervous butterflies away. But while I loved Dan's energy and personality, his photographs didn't quite captivate me. He takes beautiful landscapes, and many of the photos had gorgeous views of the park in the background. But the wedding couple themselves tended to look very static and posed. Here's an example:

Dan's photography

It's not a bad picture, but it isn't exciting, y'know? It's a bit old-fashioned. Most of his photos tended to be very staged-looking and usually "zoomed out" from the bridal couple. They weren't intimate.


Today, we met with Patrick. Now, Seanie had worked with Patrick before when he was a groom in another wedding, so we already knew what his pictures looked like. They were much more modern-looking. Patrick's pictures look like fashion photography, not staged family portraits. Does that make sense? Although he certainly has the posed portraits that every wedding party must take, he also has much more spontaneous-looking images. Here's an example of his work:

Patrick's photography

When we met with him, Patrick talked a lot about his technique - what kind of printing he did, what kind of cameras he used, etc - and I was pleased to hear that he's still innovating and refining his craft. That is, Patrick's work evolves with time in order to take advantage of new technologies and new ways to present his art. Since I spend all day with art students, I'm more comfortable around people like that than around someone who has been doing the same old thing for many years.

Plus, when Patrick talks he sounds exactly like my Uncle Tom. It's uncanny. Obviously, this doesn't affect his ability to take photos, but I thought it was neat, and it was probably an unintentional deciding factor in why we ultimately decided to go with Patrick.


I still want to buy a print or two of Dan's landscape photography, though. It's gorgeous - there were some great images of the waterfalls that were for sale at our hotel's gift shop.  I mean, when it comes to nature he's a master...I just think that when it comes to weddings and capturing the relationship between the bride and groom, Patrick has the edge.
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