Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy [early] Thanksgiving from my family!

Happy Thanksgiving from Jeannie, Alia, Kenny, me & Seanie

As you may recall from previous years, my family tends to celebrate Thanksgiving early - usually the Sunday before the actual date.  This came about because it was the easiest way for my family to celebrate together; traditionally, we'd drive down to Southern California on actual Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with my dad's parents, so the Sunday became reserved from dinner with my mom's parents.  It worked pretty well for everyone, and even now when all my grandparents are dead the tradition continues.

(It actually works out rather well, because this way on Thursday I can spend the day with Seanie's family with no conflicts of time to cause drama.)

This year, we had two new additions, because Jeannie came to join us (she would never turn down a Turkey dinner!!) and Kenny brought his girlfriend for the first time.  Our little Hough-Jung family grows bit by bit, I guess.

Tags: family, holidays, thanksgiving

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