Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Worry worry financial freak-out.

I'm starting to really panic about money.

It seems like every time I turn around, there's another expense popping up. This week is Andi's wedding - have I got the funds to pay for make-up and hair? Alterations to my gown? Have I bought them a present? No and no? Well, what am I going to do about that? Well, thankfully Kitty will share the cost of the make-up artist, and the alterations were only $45, so I have those covered. I'll make something for a present, but it won't be done by the ceremony so hopefully the bride and groom will forgive me for that.

I've got to pay off my own wedding dress, which I ordered at the end of February. So that's pretty much an entire paycheck-and-a-half gone.

Sometime this month - thankfully, not right away - I have to order my bridesmaid dress for Kero's wedding. That isn't 'til August, so I'm not sure why the dress needs to be ordered now, but Kero said get it done by the beginning of April so somehow that will be covered.

There's only so many expenses that I can expect Seanie to pay. He's covered most of the wedding costs so far - chapel rental, photographer, and it looks like we might end up going with a wedding planner so he'll have to cover that too - but his savings won't last forever so I'm going to have to start dipping into mine, which we were trying to avoid because that's the grad school fund.

But what else can I do? My hours at RHA are pretty minimal right now, so I'm only bringing home about $600 each month. Once I take gas money out, that really doesn't go far.

Hopefully I'll have a sweet tax return, whenever I find the time to get that taken care of...
Tags: money, wedding

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