Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm not sure whether I'm thankful or annoyed...

So I'm at RHA, working on one of the many papers due in the next two weeks when my eye catches a bit of fine print on one of the assignment sheets. Student must provide proof that they went to the museum. Normally, this isn't a problem - I just staple the ticket stub from my museum visit to the paper when I turn it in, and all is well. But for this particular assignment - analysis of two sculptures at the Cantor Museum at Stanford University - there's no ticket stub. The Cantor Museum is free, so you don't have to pay to enter. The teacher recommended grabbing a map or something to prove we physically entered the building...and, of course, I didn't.

So on my hour lunch break I jump in my car, drive up to Stanford, (about twenty minutes from RHA) park, run in and grab a map from the museum counter, and then speed all the way back to Los Gatos with seconds to spare. It was a little ridiculous, I know, but if I'd waited until my shift was over the museum would be closed. so I had no choice.

But that was very silly, all the same.
Tags: cantor museum, homework, museum, school, stanford

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