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27 November 2011 @ 09:04 pm
I'm not sure whether I'm thankful or annoyed...  
So I'm at RHA, working on one of the many papers due in the next two weeks when my eye catches a bit of fine print on one of the assignment sheets. Student must provide proof that they went to the museum. Normally, this isn't a problem - I just staple the ticket stub from my museum visit to the paper when I turn it in, and all is well. But for this particular assignment - analysis of two sculptures at the Cantor Museum at Stanford University - there's no ticket stub. The Cantor Museum is free, so you don't have to pay to enter. The teacher recommended grabbing a map or something to prove we physically entered the building...and, of course, I didn't.

So on my hour lunch break I jump in my car, drive up to Stanford, (about twenty minutes from RHA) park, run in and grab a map from the museum counter, and then speed all the way back to Los Gatos with seconds to spare. It was a little ridiculous, I know, but if I'd waited until my shift was over the museum would be closed. so I had no choice.

But that was very silly, all the same.