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Writer's Block: Kiss me, I’m Irish!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?
I saw this poem on queencallipygos' blog and had to re-post it, as it pretty much sums up my feelings on St. Patrick's Day.

Drowning The Shamrock
- By Frank Delaney

"Hail glorious Saint Patrick dear saint of our isle
On us thy poor children look down with a smile —"
But I'm not singing hymns and I'm not saying prayers
No, I'm gritting my teeth as I walk down the stairs
And into the street with these louts fiercely drinking
And screeching and lurching, and here's what I'm thinking —
They're using a stereotype, a narrow example,
A fraction, not even a marketing sample
To imitate Ireland, from which they don't come!
So unless that's just stupid, unless it's plain dumb,
All these kids from New Jersey and the five boroughs
And hundreds of cities, all drowning their sorrows,
With bottles and glasses and heads getting broken
(Believe me, just ask the mayor of Hoboken)
All that mindlessness, shouting and getting plain stocious —
That isn't Irish, that's simply atrocious.
I've another word too for it, this one's more stinging
I call it "racism." See, just 'cause you're singing
Some drunken old ballad on Saint Patrick's Day
Does that make you Irish? Oh, no — no way.
Nor does a tee-shirt that asks you to kiss them —
If they never come back I surely won't miss them
Or their beer cans and badges and wild maudlin bawling
And hammered and out of it, bodies all sprawling.

They're not of Joyce or of Yeats, Wilde, or Shaw.
How many Nobel Laureates does Dublin have? Four!
Think of this as you wince through Saint Patrick's guano —
Not every Italian is Tony Soprano.

I'm neither Irish nor Catholic, so the original holiday doesn't mean much to me.  If I want to wear green, eat corned beef or go out drinking, I don't need the excuse of St. Patrick's to do it.  Heck, San Jose isn't exactly a haven of the Irish - I don't think I even know an Irish person.  (My fiancé may have some Irish blood in him, but it's highly debatable.)  So I just don't see any reason to give this holiday a second thought.
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