Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bandaid & Christian Get Hitched!!!

Aaaaw, Bandaid got married today! I was a bridesmaid in her wedding - the bridesmaid, actually; she had me and a matron of honor, and that was it for her half of the bridal party! - and it was so much fun.

Yesterday was the rehearsal dinner, so we stuffed ourselves silly with sushi. Then, Kitty, Bandaid and I all went to Kitty's house and had a sleepover, just like we did back in junior high and high school. Ah, the nostalgia. <3

This morning, Kitty got us out of bed at 3:30 am so that we would have plenty of time to be primped and preened before the ceremony started at 11:00am. Good thing, too - it turns out that we needed every single one of those moments.

When the makeup artist was working on Kitty's face, I was a little concerned because she was going really dark with the eye color. Was I going to end up looking like I had two black eyes? That would suck. It definitely looked like too much when I was still wearing my pajamas, which I hadn't bothered to change out of because it was WAY TOO EARLY IN THE MORNING to be bothered. But once the three of us were in our pretty dresses and out in the sunlight, the makeup looked great.

Here I come, down the aisle.

Kitty looked so pretty <3

The two of us with the bride.

The ceremony was really short. It felt like it was less than fifteen minutes! It was a small group - maybe about thirty people total, which was a nice, intimate gathering. We stood around for a while getting all the official pictures taken (I can't wait to see how those turn out; they were shot by one of my friends from SJSU) and then it was off to the reception.

Did I mention they're both gamers?

Uber cute favors.

Grand entrance with Jerome, my groomsman counterpart

Kitty and the best man

Mr. & Mrs. Flores

First dance <3


Attack of the photographers!

Group photo of me, Kero, Bandaid and Kitty
(Which, as I look at it, confirms to me that the make-up really was too heavy for indoors.  Looked great out in the sunshine, tho'.)
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