Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Election Interviews

Did I ever tell you that I won ASB Secretary? Well, just in case I forgot to mention it - I did. If I already said it, well...I do like to brag a lot. ^^;; Nyeh-heh.
So since I am now on the ASB Panel (66% Asian! 2.5 people out of 4!) I have to do commissioner interviews after school every day. And then on Monday, the ASB Panel (I'm the only one with Leadership experience, fwee!) has to go through all the interview results and determine who gets what commission.
Oh, it'll be fun. I already have half a mind of who should do what. ^_^
But since I've been doing that every day after school, I feel like I have all the questions memorized. Why do you want to be Athletics Commissioner? Choose a color to represent yourself and explain why you chose it. What's a good service project to help others? On and on and on again...
We had a slideshow presentation assembly today, which was fun. 45 minutes of photos of the students doing various school-related things set to music. I was in it three times, which was not cool, but I'll live. (Once I was in my Halloween costume, and once I was holding a camera to my face. The other time was my Mugshot, but that's wasn't up for even a full second...) Next year, we hope to do videos instead of still shots.
We get our yearbooks tomorrow - YAY! I have to do distribution 'til 4 o'clock, though....EEEEWWWwwww...

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