Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Third or fourth post of Andi's Wedding Photos

Kitty posted the photos that she and Taitai took during Andi's wedding this morning. So these all come from the matron-of-honor, who is probably the last person that I'll be getting pictures from...until the professional photographs hit the Internet.

This is the only photograph I know of that captures the hairstyle I had. Basically, the stylist pinned all that hair up, sprayed it 'til it wouldn't move a millimeter and then prayed it would last until evening. It did, and was a pain in the butt to take down.

All of us waiting to enter at the start of the ceremony. Bandaid's mom is tottering in six-inch heels, which is probably why she looks so nervous.

The weather was gorgeous, so it was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding.

Kitty's concentrating on not falling. There was a slight slope as we walked down the aisle, and it nearly took her down.

Oh man, that smile looks forced. (And frankly, in this image that makeup looks terrible.)

Husband and wife!

Taitai & Kitty.

My nose always makes a shadow that makes me look like my front teeth have been knocked out.

Taitai's got a nice camera; his pictures turned out really crisp!

The cake toppers look like those Gwen Stefani Harajuku girls...

So, for favors, they had little rubber duckies. Some of them were dinosaur rubber duckies. I made all my friends take pictures with a dinosaur ducky.

Seanie & rubber dinoducks.

Kitty and pteroduck.

Kero and triceraduck.

Taitai and green dinoduck. (I couldn't tell what kind it was.)

Other Sean and...dinoduck rex?

She looks so demure and pretty.

Asian pose.

In line by height. I don't know why we do that, but it happens in a lot of our group photos.
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