Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

5 Stupid Games I'm Addicted To

1. Angry Birds
I know, I know. The rest of the world may be enjoying Angry Birds clothing, candy and stuffed toys, but me? I just like the game. I enjoy flicking my finger and sending red and yellow and blue birds hurtling through the virtual air to knock over bloated green pigs.

2. Draw Something
It's Pictionary. It's Scrabble! It's social!
It's also a little embarrassing that I, the self-proclaimed artist, still can't draw half the words that come up in a way that allows others to identify them.

3. Doodle Jump
Boing.  Boing.  Boing.
It's mindless and terribly amusing, even though I'm horrible at this game.

4. Fruit Ninja
See Doodle Jump.
Also, I love that there's a "disco blade" that allows me to slice fruit with a rainbow.

5. Solitaire.
Yeah, it's not all that exciting but it's a total classic.

Tags: 5 things, video games

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