Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ashland 2012: Day One

Today, Seanie and I drove up to Ashland, Oregon on our annual pilgrimage to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. (If all goes according to plan, it is the first of two trips this year.) As we traveled north through California, we listened to Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys.

Over the next few days, we plan to see three plays: Animal Crackers, The White Snake, and Romeo and Juliet. Tonight, though, the theaters are all dark, but that's just as well, as Seanie had to work. So he and I settled into our room at Coolidge House Bed & Breakfast to do blogging and homework.

The Coolidge House is beautiful. Built in 1875, the building is a historic home of Ashland. It's Victorian, with charming floral wallpaper and furniture of wicker or bronze. There are only four or five rooms, so there won't be a ton of guests, which will be nice, too. Our room is called the Rose Room, and you can see why:

The Rose Room

The bedroom is cozy and dominated by the bed, but the photographer of the above picture was standing in a sitting room that had two wicker chairs and a small wicker table. It was a good workspace for Seanie, although he keeps moving onto the bed so maybe he doesn't like it so much.

The bathroom has just been remodeled, so there is a brand new tub and shower. Very exciting, right? We might be the first guests to use it! There's only one problem, really...the door for the bathroom is glass and completely transparent. Worse, if you're sitting on the bed or standing in the main room, you look directly at the toilet!!! Awkward, to say the least. At first, Seanie and I weren't sure what to do, but there was a blanket in the closet that was just the right size for covering the doorway. There were little gold hooks at the top of the doorway, so I assume the intention is to drape the blanket on the hooks, thus obscuring the view of the toilet? I sure hope that is what we're meant to do - at any rate, it is what we'll do. I may love Seanie deeply and soulfully, but that doesn't mean I want to EVER see him taking a dump. Eeew.

We also tried a new restaurant tonight. Taroko Pan-Pacific Bistro/Sushi Bar is only a black or two away from the B&B, and the menu was pretty interesting. I ordered the 'Taroko Fried Rice' which mixes multigrain rice with different fruits like cantaloupe, honeydew melon, apples, candied sounds weird, doesn't it? But it was SOOOOO GOOD! The rice was a firm texture, so it was chewy, and this complemented the soft fruit very well. A very sweet-savory taste. It was prepared just like regular fried rice, near as I can tell, with visible bits of egg. I want to try to replicate it, which is unusual - usually, I don't want to step anywhere near a kitchen!
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