Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fun day

I had lunch with Darby and Masako today. Darby was late, and Masako yelled at him a little bit. Who knows? Maybe she'll cure his chronic tardiness...but I doubt it. Asian time seems to run at least half an hour later than everyone else's schedule, to judge from the years with Kitty and some of my other friends.

Anyway, we had Japanese and it was fun. I wish I could see these guys more than once or twice a year; after we hang out I always feel motivated to do something creative, because Masako's an artist and Darby's just so friggin' talented.

But then I go to SJSU for my Religious Controversy class and it makes me wanna hide in a corner instead, because that class is so BORING and tedious. There's an obnoxious guy in the back who has decided that his role in the class is to always play the devil's advocate, so no matter what the lecture is about he has to bring up a controversial view and trigger a debate. Doesn't anyone else realize that if we didn't get sidetracked into discussions about the morality of homosexuality we could all go home a half hour earlier? I'm just sayin...
Tags: friends, school, sjsu

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