Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Egyptian Tours: About half-way there...

I am inching towards independence at the Egyptian Museum. Every time I come in, Gee makes me add a new gallery to my repertoire, with the goal of getting me ready to do a full school tour on my own by next week.

Today I did three sections: Gallery D (a talk on Sekhmet/polytheism, and a talk about Akhenaten's reign), Gallery A (Mummification) and the tomb tour (twenty minute walkthrough of the museum's replica tomb). They're coming along, but I've still got some tough talks to master: Gallery C is Kingship & Religion, and Gallery B is about the Rosetta Stone & Scribes.

The sheets that we're given are crammed with enough information for a twenty-minute lecture, so we have to cherry-pick the exact points we want to cover in the school tour. I mean, there's certain things we have to say, but there's a lot of leeway too. It's interesting. Like, for the talk in Gallery C, there's a three page printout about the troubles of Ankhesenamun, who was the sister-wife of King Tutankhamun. After he died, she wrote a letter to a prince of the Hittites begging him to marry her, lest she be forced to marry her uncle. The Hittite prince valiantly came to her rescue, but was killed before he arrived. She disappears into from the historical record after the marriage she tried so hard to avoid. Interesting stuff - but I haven't heard any of the docents mention her, even in passing, so I probably won't, either.

I wonder if I can convince the Rosicrucian powers that be to allow me to write a new gallery talk? That would be awesome.
Tags: internship, museum, rosicrucian

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