Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Hello, Captain Oblivious!

As I'm walking toward SJSU after climbing off the light rail, an indigent woman walks up to me.

Woman: Do you have rolling paper?
Me: Huh?
Woman: Rolling paper.
Me: I don't think so...but I have binder paper. Would a sheet of notebook paper work? (I'm thinking she just needs to write something down.)
Woman: Yeah, that'll be fine.
Me: OK, here you go. **tear a piece out of my notebook.**
Woman: Thanks! **wanders off**

I keep walking. Just as I'm getting to the edge of campus, I realize what she wanted. ROLLING paper is for smoking! I felt like such a doofus...and also rather curious as to why she thought I'd have rolling paper in the first place, since I've never smoked anything and don't intend to.

(Can you even use binder paper for that purpose, or is that purely a mark of the desperate?)
Tags: downtown, san jose

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