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07 April 2012 @ 09:58 pm
Good Day at the Rosicrucian  
I had a great talk on mummification today at the museum.  It's a popular topic that draws big crowds, which makes it a fun one to give.  You have an audience that actually digs the material and will follow every word; it can be humorous or gruesome, depending on how  you spin it.  So I really enjoyed it, and I got a lot of great questions after I finished so I know that people were listening.

I wish that every talk was like that, but it doesn't really work out that way.  I guess some of that is my own fault.  We have to do mummification as part of the school tour, so I perform it multiple times every week.  Naturally, I'm going to get really good at it.  By comparison, I might do a talk about cosmetics or Mesopotamia once every two to three months.  Add in the fact that I don't get a lot of time to study the talks at the museum - and school keeps me so busy that I'm definitely not doing a lot of work on it outside my internship hours - and the monthly talks aren't nearly as polished as my mummification spiel. 

Well, we do what we can.