Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I did my taxes all by myself. What a grown-up.

This is the first year that I've done my taxes all by myself.  Dad did them in years past, but he said that if I'm grown up enough to get married then I really ought to do them on my own.  Of course, he still sent me a computer program to download to make the process easier, but I'm still crunching numbers by myself for the first time.

I spent almost the entire day working on it (off and on) but I think I finally got everything right - and it looks good.  I should be getting over $2000 back, between the state and federal government.  That's not bad at all, right? 

It's already spent, though.  If any of that is left over after the big wedding in May, it'll go straight to college tuition. Bummer.  It would be nice to see my savings increase instead of shrink for once...
Tags: money, taxes

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