Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

FuruSato Sushi Fail

Sometimes my native Asian cheapness makes me into such a bitch of a customer.

Last night, Seanie and I went out to get sushi for our one month anniversary.  (Hooray!)  I wanted to order a child's plate but they wouldn't let me get the kid's meal.  I've never understood that - if I'm only going to eat the amount that a child would eat, why not let me get an entree that size?  I guess they make more money by forbidding it, because the kid's plate was $8.75 and the regular entrees tend to be around $15-$20, bu I had planned to order several rolls of the premiere sushi to eat as well. It probably would have been more money in the long run.  Lame.

But fine, I get that it's a pretty standard restaurant practice, and even if they let you buy kid's food at Disneyland most of the real world expects adults to purchase adult entrees.  We ended up ordering their special, $49 sushi boat that had six nigiri, six sashimi, gyoza, fried scallops, and two premium rolls.  Sean asks if we can request specific premium rolls, and they say that it's up to the chef.  Bummer, but OK.  The food arrives and we dig in, but I notice right away that the fried scallops are missing.  Sean suggests that maybe they'll be bringing them in a bit, so we chow down.  The scallops don't show up, so as we're finishing up I ask the waitress what happened.  She gives me a confused look, as if to say "What are you talking about?"  I tell her it was listed in the menu, so she goes to check it.  We have the following exchange:

Waitress: "Ah, see, this is a mistake."
Me: "Oh?"
Waitress: "Yes, it's supposed to say gyoza or scallops."
Me: "Huh.  But it doesn't say that.  It says gyoza and scallops."
Waitress: "Yes, but that is a mistake."
Me: "Well, if we'd known that we might not have gotten the boat, y'know?  I mean, when we ordered it you didn't ask 'Would you like scallops or gyoza?' so there's no way I could have known that there was a choice."
Waitress: "Hmmm."
Me: "It's disappointing."
Waitress: "Do you want the scallops?"
Me: "Well, yeah!  According to the menu, it's part of the meal I'm paying for."

She goes off and orders the scallops and they eventually arrive, so it all worked out in the end.  As we were leaving, I confessed to Seanie, "I don't even remember if I like scallops, because it's been so long since I last had them.  But if we're going to be paying over $1 for each item in the boat, then I want to make darn sure we get every single overpriced thing that's supposed to be in there!"

Tags: food, japanese, restaurants, sushi

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