Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's hard to move out!

I've been married for nearly two months, and living with Seanie ever since we got back from the honeymoon. I've been slowly migrating my stuff from my parents' place to the new house, but it's a slow slog.

What has been moved to the new home?
  • About 75% of my clothes; a quarter of my closet and nearly all my scarves are still at my parents' though
  • My CD collection
  • My DVD collection
  • My manga collection
  • Office supplies
...and that's it, really.  Still hanging out in my childhood room:
  • Art supplies - paper, paint, charcoal, chalks, the works
  • Sewing machine and fabric stash (which hasn't been touched in years, eep.)
  • The vast majority of my books
  • Old paperwork and files
  • Childhood toys - but those Barbies and My Little Ponies weren't gonna make the jump to Sean's anytime soon
  • Tons and tons of miscellaneous junk
Now, I can only take a limited amount of stuff every time I stop by the ol' homestead because I've only got a finite number of boxes to fill.  While this prevents beginning a process of moving boxes from one house to the other and never unpacking them, it does mean that I can't bring new stuff over 'til I find a home for the other things, which delays the process.

At this rate, I'll still be "moving out" at Christmas time!
Tags: moving out

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