Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Notes on a crazy morning at work.

My coworker had a heart attack.
I hope she's OK!



It looks like she'll be at home recuperating for a while. No one at the office really knows any details, except that the next few weeks are going to be a little bit crazy. Next week, both the office manager and the head of the maintenance team will be on vacation. Originally, my coworker was going to cover our boss' hours, but obviously she can't do that now so I'll be covering those hours instead.

I guess I can't complain - the money will be nice since I'm pretty tapped out at the moment. (That last trip to Disney left me scrapin' the bottom of the barrel.)


Even later...

Looks like we'll be getting another temp worker in as well. She'll report in this afternoon for training. I'm a little bummed, to be honest...I'm so tired of training people for this job. I wish we could just hold onto an employee for more than a few months! But the temp is good news - she'll be able to work Kero's wedding so I can still have that day off.


I am bummed for my coworker though. She was having a ton of issues even before the heart attack - cataracts in her eyes, getting kicked out of her apartment with no new place lined up, a new grandchild on the way...

I really hope things work out for her...
Tags: rha

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