Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First day of classes: Fall 2012

Just got back from what I hope is the first day of my last semester at SJSU. My classes today:

Art of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
I had a class with this professor last fall, and she's really awesome. She knows her subject completely and presents the information in an organized manner. That may not sound impressive, but after you sit through a semester's worth of classes with a disorganized teacher who seems to pick his topic ten minutes before class starts and just lets words tumble off his tongue...well, you really appreciate a teacher who prepares thoroughly. The class will start with Mesopotamia, and won't get into Egyptian art until the second half of the class. That's a little disappointing – I WANNA EGYPT NOW!!! - but Mesopotamia will certainly be more difficult, so I'm glad she's saving the 'easier' half of the class for later.

After my first class, I have a three hour break. It sucks.

17th Century Northern Baroque Art
As Dr. S commented, “It's pretty much non-Italian, 17th century art of Europe.” I'm looking forward to discussing Velasquez and Spanish art in the class, but we'll also cover the Dutch masters (of course) and whatever was going on in Germany at the time. I assume English art will be covered, too, but she didn't mention it in class.

Another three hour break. My scheduling is really terrible on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I can't do anything about it. I've got to take these classes to get out of SJSU!

Art of China
I'm not looking forward to this class, only because the teacher is the same one who taught Art of Japan last semester and his class nearly killed me. I thought his awkward quirky British nerdiness adorable at the first class meeting, but his disorganization and inability to use his laptop to play DVDs wasted so much time in class. Every session felt like a waste of time. Hopefully, this semester will be better.
Tags: art history, school, sjsu

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