Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I spend the last day before school at Walmart. Le sigh.

Seanie decided yesterday that he wanted to install two bookcases behind his desk so that he could store random office electronics there. Fair enough. He wanted low-lying shelves, the kind that are only about waist level. They were surprisingly difficult to find! First, we found the style we wanted at Big Lots, but they didn't come in the color we needed. Eventually he went to Walmart and was able to get a pair of the cases there, but it took the stock guy nearly half an hour to retrieve them from the stock room, which means that I spent far too much of my day off inside a Walmart.

Walmart. The store gives me the creeps. They opened a new one very recently on the edge of Almaden/Blossom Valley area, and my inner snob could barely handle the horror that Walmart would dare to open a store in my neighborhood. We live in the nice part of town, after all! But this was my first time actually venturing inside. It was much cleaner than I expected, so props there - but the service was absolutely lousy. It took an employee much too long to get us the items we wanted because he decided to pull a bunch of other random stock while he was back there; after the fifteen minute mark I wanted to walk out but Seanie insisted on staying. When we tried to flag down a manager to confirm if the employee was even looking for our furniture, they refused to help.

The day got a little better when I went to my house to mail some packages, and Mom asked if Seanie and I wanted to go out for afternoon tea. Yes please! I tried a new "Apples of Jade" blend at Satori Tea Company and snacked on tea sandwiches and scones. I don't know how those little tea treats can be so filling, but they sure do work!
Tags: cleaning, moving out

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