Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First day of classes: Fall 2012 (Part II)

Today I had two more classes:

Archaeological Lab Methods
In order to add this class, I have to petition SJSU to lift the limit of fifteen units per semester.  It's a new rule that they just instituted this fall; previously, you could register for eighteen units before a petition was necessary.  If my petition is denied, I won't be able to graduate this fall - and they won't offer the class again until Fall 2013, so it would really, really suck.
The class sounds really awesome. We'll learn how to treat and care for a variety of materials, from glass to ceramic to faunal remains, and end the semester by creating a mock museum exhibit based on artifacts excavated over the summer by the professor's field school.  I know that the class will teach me so many valuable skills!  I hope I hope I hope I get my petition granted.

California Architecture
I think this class is going to qualify as my modern art history course?  Anyway, it fulfills one of the categories I need for graduation.  I've never had the professor before, but the moment he walked into the classroom I knew I'd seen him around.  He seems like it'll be pretty cool.  If nothing else, he rocks collared shirts and vests. 
The class begins in 1769, with the Spanish Missions, and proceeds on through to the present day.  There's no textbook, so I'm quite curious what our teacher will be expecting us to read.  Well, it should be a fun class.
Tags: art history, school, sjsu

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