Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

New Year's Resolutions 2012: August

New Year's Resolutions: August Update

1. Get married.
Still done.

2. Move out from my parents' house.
I'm working on this.  I mean, I'm definitely living at the duplex now.  No questions there!  I haven't slept at my parents' house since before th wedding.  But I'd say that at least half of my worldly possessions still reside at my parents', so I can't really say I've completely moved out.

3. Get a 4.0.
That stupid cold last month got me behind in Forensic Anthropology and I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up, considering the final is next week.  Le sigh.

4. Graduate from SJSU.
...let's not think about how we still haven't gotten the paperwork filed.  I swear I'll do it the first week of school, and earlier if the chair of art history is in her office before the first day of classes.

5. Complete at least one internship, preferably two.
I've technically completed my internship at the Egyptian Museum, but I still haven't received my recommendation letter.  I don't know how useful it will be - most museum directors won't give a hoot about what the head of a 'mystical philosophical order' would say, but they said if I completed 240 hours I'd get a letter.  Where is it?

6. Create an awesome work of art.
Nothin' doin'.  I blame all the moving.

7. Set up – and stick with – a fitness routine.
Ha.  My waistline grows and my clothes are too tight.  I really oughta get on this, but I can't seem to stop coughing...

8. Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
This has only gotten worse.

9. Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
Yeah, this hasn't gotten better.

10. Do one thing completely new.
Nope. follow-through on these resolutions SUCKS.
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