Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Bookcases at IKEA

Seanie and I went to IKEA today to look at bookshelves.  We must have spent at least an hour carefully inspecting the various display rooms, trying to decide which set-up would be right for our home.  Eventually, we decided on BILLY bookcases.  They came in black, so they would look good in the office.  I had read on Librarything that they were fairly sturdy, and were the best "cheap" cases available.  We ended up buying four cases, only to run into a problem.  As we happily wheeled the furniture into the parking garage, we realized that there wasn't room in my car for both the furniture and a passenger. 

Returning the shelves would have been a serious hassle; we knew that we'd need them, so if we didn't get them now we'd just have to make another trip later.  So what did we do?  We loaded up the car, and Seanie drove off to make the half hour drive back to San Jose.  I sat down in the food court at IKEA and wished I thought to bring a book; I'd grabbed a Bible out of my car (I always keep one in there) but a novel would have been more entertaining.  I ordered snack after snack - $1 ice cream cone, a hot dog, etc. - as I worked my way through the book of Esther, and then I backtracked to Nehemiah while wondering if I was hungry enough to get even more snacks.

After nearly two hours, Seanie returned to get me and take me home.  It wasn't his fault - once he got home, he had to unload the car by himself, and those bookcases are HEAVY!  But on the plus side, I can finally start bringing the collection over from my parents' house.

Struggling to push the cart at, those bookcases were difficult to move!

Tags: books, moving out

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