Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Goodbye, Egyptian Museum internship.

After school today, I went to the Egyptian Museum to see if I could track down my recommendation letter. After completing the three-month internship, I was supposed to receive one - but with the turnover in management and my intermittent appearances over the summer, it never happened.

When I went in, I was surprised to realize that I missed working there. Not quite enough that I would volunteer again - I have come to truly value my leisure time - but it really is a fun place to roam. Even though all the current intern faces were new to me, the main museum staff hadn't changed. The director of the museum would hire me in a heartbeat, I think, if I wasn't in school. (I don't know that I'd take the job she'd offer me; after Janelle had such a tough time of it I honestly don't know if I'd be able to last.) The membership manager was super happy to chat about Egypt and geek out about archaeology - and I really miss that, because I don't really have any friends who enjoy it to the same level that I do.

It turned out that a letter had been written for me by somebody, at some point - but it never got signed. So the director updated it to the current date and sent it over to her boss for a signature. After that had been taken care of, a copy of the letter was given to me.

It's not that I think the letter will be useful, per se. The Egyptian Museum doesn't have the greatest reputation with other art museums in the area, so I'm not sure that it was the best career decision I could have made. But in theory, the letter is what I was working for when I gave up my free weekends for so many months. When I sacrificed trips or spent hours memorizing scripts for school tours, it was for this little piece of paper. I don't think I need it, but after all that effort I wanted it. And who knows? It may very well come in handy at some point.

At the end of my visit, the current roster of interns had all gathered at the doorway of the office for training or a staff meeting or...something. I don't know what. The director had me stand in front of them and told them that I had been one of the best tour guides the museum ever had. Aaaaw. Warm fuzzy moment that quickly turned to slightly embarrassing because
A/ I'm pretty sure I was terrible at tours
B/ I hate children
C/ Everyone's staring at me OMG AWKWARD
and so after that, I quickly made my exit.

Farewell, Ex-User, the mummy who may be royal but was purchased by the museum through a Neiman Marcus catalog.
Good-bye, Sherit, the child mummy with her organs carefully wrapped and tucked between her legs.
See ya later, Nesimin. Sorry your coffin didn't fit you and your head mask got cracked.
Ciao, Tahure. Keep on smilin'!
Tags: internship, museum, rosicrucian

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