Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Training yet another newbie

I've lost track of how many temporary workers we've gone through in the past two or three years, so I'll just call this latest one Temp #10. Numerically, I think that's about right.

This new one is...interesting. She's in her early forties, but she has a college-age son because she had a kid when she was in high school. It was shocking to me, not because she had the kid but because she looked so young! At her oldest, I would have put her at thirty - and honestly, I thought she was about my age. I never would have guessed she was so much older. She's a very cute dresser, though; great clothes.

Temp #10 had previously worked in a hospital, so she has clerical experience. Unfortunately, her computer experience is seriously lacking. She doesn't know how to use Word or Excel; she can barely use e-mail and Google. She doesn't have Facebook or Twitter or any social media experience. This isn't required for the job, of course, but it's been a really long time since I last worked with someone who knew so little about the Internet. When I talked her through using the copier, she looked at me like I was crazy, as if to say Who doesn't know how to use a copier? Well, who doesn't know how to surf the web?

She's chatty - temps always are - and keeps calling us 'friends' which is sweet but also a little strange. Whatever. I'm just glad that she's available to work, since my boss is on vacation and would NOT BE HAPPY if she had been forced to come in!

I do wish I didn't have to train her so much, though - I really need to study for Forensic Anthropology and my usual routine of studying at work isn't exactly happening because she wants to shoot the breeze. But whatever. That's just me being selfish. At least we're fully staffed.
Tags: rha

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