Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I scored a Designer Maleficent doll!

I had just come home from school and was settling onto the bed next to Seanie for some snuggle time when I suddenly sit bolt upright and declare:

Me: Oh no!
Seanie: What???  **looks around**  What's wrong?
Seanie: What.
Me: In stores!  Maleficent!  Her doll!
Seanie: ...
Me: The villains designer dolls are being released to the stores today. 
Seanie: Oh yeah. 
Me: When they did the Princess dolls, they all sold out within minutes of the store opening!  I missed out on my chance to get Maleficent!!!!
Seanie: She's your favorite!
Me: ...yeah.  But I'm sure they're all out now.

I lie back down, pouting.  This is where Seanie proves that he is the best husband ever.  Instead of reverting back to snuggling, he redirects to a new goal:

Seanie: Do you want to go to Valley Fair and check?
Me: Naw, they're gonna be all gone, and we'll go all that way for nothing.
Seanie: I could call them first.
Me: ...could you?

He gets up, grabs his phone, and calls the mall.  A few seconds later, the Disney Store associate confirms that they still have some Maleficents in stock.  We hop in the car and within twenty minutes, we're at the store waiting for a sales associate to get two dolls from the back room for us.  (One for me, and one for Jeans - but she got her own, so now we have an extra to sell later.)

Since it's now rather dark and I can't get good pictures of the doll, here's a few photos from the Disney website.  Isn't Maleficent gorgeous?

Tags: disney, dolls, maleficent

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