Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Guardian Wildlife

Yesterday I had a dentist's appointment, but it was canceled and my Dad forgot so I ended up walking home from the office so I wouldn't have to go with him and my brother to Kaiser to see a doctor as well. (Dad had a full list of things to do.) I decided to take the walk-down-by-the-dirty-filthy-creek route.
As I was walking, this buck with huge horns came down across the creek and stopped to get a drink. I stood there and took a picture of him. (Yes, I had my camera with me. I take it everywhere, hoping it'll break so that my mom will buy me a nice one with "sportsfocus" options.) Then I started walking again, and the deer started walking as well. We were maybe six feet apart, side by side. (It was really cool, don't ya know?)

Now, this creek (which as far as I know hasn't got a name, but if it does it's likely a very stupid name anyway) runs right alongside Redmond/Colemon (can't remember the name of the street) and that road is very twisty and has an average of about one casualty a year because people speed down it. There is glass in the trunk of almost every tree. (I'm exaggerating, but not by much.) So it isn't the safest way to go, and usually I take a different route, but since I had this buck hanging out with me I felt pretty safe.

The buck walked across the creek from me all the way down the road until I had to leave the creek to hop the wall into our little corner of Almaden Valley. It was really cool, since I'd always thought that deer were supposed to be skittish and afraid of people. This guy sure wasn't.

When I got home, I painted my toenails sparkly. Then my family did this little blackout protest thing with the Sierra Club. Basically, we got to sit in the house for three hours doing nothing involving electricity. I started reading my AP English books until all the light was gone, and then I went to sleep early. Very fun. I'm really hating California right now, though.

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