Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm so tired of training newbies. Let's hope someone lasts this time!

Another day at RHA,
another round of trainees.

Considering how easy this job is, I'm always astonished by how many people we go through. But so be it! Today I was once again training people to do my job at RHA. One of them was my old friend Janelle, who is a permanent hire (the first one we've had in a while) rather than a temp from an agency. Our CEO is usually very firmly against hiring directly, so the agency must have been having a lot of trouble finding someone who only wanted part-time work on weekends in order for him to agree to take her on. But I'm glad! Generally, the non-temps tend to last much longer. Plus, Janelle's a pal, and she worked at the museum with me, so I know she'll be a good employee for RHA.

However, Janelle wasn't available to work over Labor Day weekend - she's got to be at a wedding, since those are all the rage these days. So we also had Temp #11 with us to train. #11 will only be here for two-three days, which is just fine with her. A middle-aged woman who has been out of the workforce for several years, #11 has been working short-term jobs for the last year or so to see just what kind of career she wants to have at this stage in her life. That's not a bad strategy if you don't need the money urgently.

We went over parking permits and filing and how to answer the phones and sign people up for tennis courts - every little basic thing I could remember. Trouble is, it's always the things that don't happen regularly that trip up the newbies. I made sure each woman had my phone number and told them to feel free to call if they have questions, because I'm sure something I failed to anticipate will leave them puzzled during their first couple of shifts.

Now off to Los Angeles to celebrate Labor Day!
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