Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

He's lost his passport and will lose his job if he can't leave the country in three days.

Yesterday was such a stressful evening.

When I got home from class around 6:30, I found out that Seanie's passport was missing. We were completely baffled - where could it have gone? He had just seen it recently and placed it somewhere prominent so he wouldn't lose it. He's leaving for a work trip in Japan on Friday, so having his passport is rather essential.

We tore the house apart looking for it. If there was a box, we opened it. If there was a shelf, we emptied it. Every drawer in our desks was combed carefully for clues.

Nothing. Passport was AWOL, MIA, etc.

Frustrated, Seanie got ready to go out and get passport photos taken at Walgreens. (We'd looked online and made an appointment for him to go to the Passport Agency in San Francisco today, so that he could pay an enormous fine to rush the printing of a new passport.) It was at this moment, as he prepared to get into the car, that he realized his wallet was also missing.


We tore through the house again, but nothing. We decided that it had to either be in his truck, which Brother-in-Law was borrowing to move his boat off-site (hooray!) or else Sean had left it at the computer store he'd visited earlier in the afternoon. I gave him one of my credit cards so he could put gas in his car.

I kept looking for the two missing items while he was gone, but couldn't come up with any leads. Eventually, I gave up. When he got back, I drove over to my parents' house to check in case I'd put his passport with my own (that would make no sense, but we had absolutely no other idea where it could be) and retrieve an expired driver's license of his to use for ID. Meanwhile, he drove to his parents' house to get any identifying information his mother might have so that he could prove that he did, in fact, exist.

After all, how does one get a passport with no driver's license?

By midnight, I had gotten back and was too tired to wait up for him anymore. As I crawled into bed and fluffed a blanket, I heard the soft sound of something slipping off the bed onto the floor.

It was his wallet. Somehow, in a way that neither of us could account for, his wallet had gotten wrapped up inside of a folded blanket in our bedroom. It made absolutely no sense, but I was so relieved to find it that I chalked it up to catching a break from God, and called Seanie to let him know.

He was definitely relieved.

This afternoon he was able to get a new passport up in San Francisco. We're out a couple hundred dollars, but thankfully he'll be able to fly out to Japan on time and keep everything cool with work. But I think this has been the most stressful and scary twenty-four hours of Seanie's life.
Tags: drama, seanie

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