Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sometimes work is so frustrating!

Most of the time, my work is awesome. I don't have a lot of assignments, so I can do things like homework during my shift. Perfect. But my boss knows what a good deal it is, and sometimes she can be extremely inflexible about the schedule.

My friend Kero's getting married in about a month, and I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding party. You'd think that would be an automatic "OK, you can have that day off!" But when I asked, my boss said I needed to make sure the shift was covered...and then it turned out that my co-worker has a baby shower that morning and can't come in until after lunch.

That means that I have to go in that morning for four or five hours - until about 12:00pm, at which point I can close the office for "lunch" and my coworker will come in at 1:00pm. Given that the wedding ceremony isn't until the evening, that should give me plenty of time to meet up with the make-up artist and get prettified and styled up. If it's anything like the last wedding I was in, I won't be needed to do any official duties until mid-afternoon, anyway.

But I know the bride won't see it that way. I know she'll view my absence as a betrayal of our friendship, because I'm choosing work over her wedding day. I can totally understand that view. But on the other hand, if I don't make it to work I will get written up and I could get fired. She doesn't want that, right?

I'm really, really dreading talking to her about this.
Tags: kero, rha, wedding, work

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