Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Forever Love

"Forever Love" has got to be the saddest song in existance. (I'm not 100% sure who sings it...I want to say X Japan, because that's what the MP3 says, but I don't know if that's the band's name, since the movie it's from was X) At eight and a half minutes, it's the Titanic of music. It's beautiful and lovely and it just goes on forever and a day. No matter how cheerful and peppy you were feeling before you heard it, it always drags you down a couple of notches. Oh how I love it.

Anway, here's the Japanese lyrics, with English translation slipped in (bold type) as necessary.
Forever Love
Mou hitori de arukenai
toki no kaze ga tsuyo sugite
Ah kizutsuku koto nante
nareta hazu dakedo ima wa...

Alone I cannot walk
Time's winds are too strong
Ah, it's wounded
I should have gotten used to it, but right now

Ah kono mama dakishimete
nureta mama no kokoro o
kawari tsuzukeru kono toki ni
kawaranai ai ga arunara
Will you hold my heart
namida uketomete
mou koware souna All my heart

Ah, leave me the way I am
My heart, even though damp
At this moment is being changed
If unchanging love exists
Will you hold my heart
Catch my tears
All of my heart is ready to shatter

Forever Love Forever Dream
areru omoi dake ga
tanishiku setsunaku jikan o umezukusu
Oh Tell me why
All I see is blue in my heart
Will you stay with me
kaze ga sugi suru made
mata raretsu All my tears
Forever Love Forever Dream
Kono mama soba ni ite
yoru ke ni areru kokoro o dakishimete
Oh Stay with me

Forever Love Forever Dream
Only overflowing thoughts of love
Please bury all of the terrible, sorrowful time
Oh tell me why
All I see is blue in my heart
Will you stay with me
Until the winds pass
All my tears overflow again
Forever Love Forever Dream
Be with me this way
Please hold my trembling heart until dawn
Oh stay with me

Ah subete ga owareba ii
owari no nai kono yori ni
Ah o umo no nante
nani mo nai anata dake
Forever Love Forever Dream
kono mama soba ni ite
yori ke ni onurieru kokoro o dakishimete
Ah Will you stay with me,br>kaze ga sugi saru made
mou dare yori mo soba ni

Ah, I want this to end
Nothing is ended though in this night
Ah, I am lost
There is nothing...only you exist
Forever Love Forever Dream
Will you stay with me
Hold my trembling heart until dawn
Oh stay with me
Until the wind passes
At this moment, more than anyone I want you with me

Forever Love Forever Dream
kore ijo arukenai
Oh Tell my why Oh Tell me true
oshiete ikeru imi o
Forever Love Forever Dream
areru namida no naka
kagayaku kizetsu ga eien ni kawaru made
Forever Love

Forever Love Forever Dream
I can't go on
Oh tell me why, Oh tell me true
Tell me the meaning of life
These tears overflowing from our relation
Until the seasons change into forever
Forever Love...


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