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16 September 2012 @ 07:41 pm
Maggots in the cupboards! GROSS!  
I had a truly disgusting experience this morning.  I was reaching up into the cupboard to pull out a box of cereal for breakfast, and this little...worm thing falls down onto the counter.  I squint and look a bit closer.  It looks like some sort of larvae, a maggot.  OH MY GOSH THERE ARE MAGGOTS IN MY KITCHEN!!!

(Note: I do realize that maggots are technically only found on rotten meat, but it was so disgusting to find this wiggling, crawling thing in the space that I store food that proper vocabulary was not really on my mind.)

I immediately start pulling food boxes and jars down from the shelf, trying to find the source of the critters.  I can't.  There are a couple of them on every shelf, and there are partially cocooned ones nestled on the bottom of several containers.  So I begin throwing food away.  Pasta, cereal, flour, sugar - if there is any possibility that they could be in there, that food is gone!  If it was open - gone!

That got depressing very quickly.  $50, $60, maybe $100 worth of food had to be thrown away, since I just couldn't be sure it was bug free.  Then I had to scrub and scrub and clean every shelf, every dish, anything that still remained in those cabinets. 

Of course, this was supposed to be my quiet day off, dedicated to resting and preparing to lead the discussion in Junkerman's class on Tuesday.

Stupid maggots.