Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sweet. Employee of the Year!

Once again, I am Employee of the Year at RHA.  (I received the award back in 2009, too.)  It was a total surprise to hear that I'd been given the award.  I thought that one of the guys on the maintenance team would get it, since they've had a lot of huge construction/repair projects this year to oversee and/or complete. Plus, what do I do that's useful?  I just sit at the front desk and answer the phone and sometimes process paperwork.

But it's a relief, right?  Here I've been worried that they might decide that cutting my hours will be a great way to save some money, but at least for now it seems they approve of whatever it is I'm doing.  On the other hand, "A" got the Employee of the Year award last year, and look where he is now.  I guess that's just an indication that I shouldn't rest on my laurels.

While the recognition is nice, let's face it: the real excitement from winning this prize is the cash that comes with it.
Tags: award, rha

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