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17 September 2012 @ 02:30 pm
Maggots in the cupboards! Part II  

I was hopeful that I got all of the wormy-larvae-thingies yesterday, but I found a few more today. Disturbingly, they were not in the cabinets, but rather they were outside of them, on the wood between the cabinet and the wall. I didn't find a lot of them - only three or four - but I'm hoping that this indicates that these were just some random guys that I missed yesterday because they were in a different location, rather than bastards who somehow survived my eradication attempts.

They also seem to like tupperware containers, because I've found several wrapped up in webbing clinging to the edge of the container, right beneath the lid. So gross. I washed the first tupperware like that; the second one I just threw away because I was so tired of finding the little monsters.