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16 August 2012 @ 02:51 pm
Paperwork to graduate this fall - who knew there was so much of it?  
I spent most of this morning over at SJSU, trying to get all the paperwork for graduation taken care of and filed. I got all of my coursework for my B.A. approved by the department head, but I wasn't able to finish everything for my minor because the anthropology department head was out of the office. Luckily, since all I need is a signature, the receptionist said I could just leave the paperwork and she'd call me when it was signed. The minute that is ready, I can drop everything off at the SJSU main office and be done with it!

The one bad thing that came out of all this is that it looks like I will have to fill out a petition for 18 units. I was hoping that I could manage to graduate with just 15, but I'm short one art history class. Topic doesn't matter - I just have to meet the required number of units. If the petition isn't approved, I'll have to take a class in the spring. No way 'round it. I'm hoping that the paper pushers at SJSU will go ahead and sign me off, though - surely they want me out of the system and graduated just as much as I do, right?