Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Laguna Hills & San Diego & The Iron Chef!

I was in San Diego from June 28th to June 30th. Well, actually I was in Laguna Hills and La Jolla, and never actually in the city of San Diego. But that’s a moot point, okay?
Anyway, have you ever driven through the Central Valley during a heat wave in a car where the air conditioner has lovingly decided to quit working and spew out hot air instead? It SUCKS. It must’ve been 100+ degrees outside. I thought I was gonna die...really pathetically, too. Mom wouldn’t let us roll the windows down because “the hot air would get in” and I was like, “Mom, the hot air’s already in here!” But you know how stubborn parents can be.
Anyway, after nine million years trapped in that monster we made it to Laguna Hills, where my grandparents live. It was really nice to see them again - it'd been a year since I'd last visited. The rest of the family went down around Christmas but I couldn't because I had to study for my Spanish final. -_- I think that, for one reason or another, I'd bailed on another trip before that. But anyway, Grandpa looked great. Healthy and ready to kick someone's disrespectful butt. (He used to be in the Army, so he's really anal about respect and authority.) Grandma, on the other hand (and I hate to say this) looked like she was going to keel over and die any second. June is a bad month for her, because it's the month where it gets really hot and all. June is when Uncle Robin died, back in 1985, and June is when she had her two strokes. So we had to be really careful with her. It was really kind of bad...her veins were really popping out of her pale skin...she looked like she was one of those albino people...
Anyway, so after we visited with them (I did a bunch of image editing for Grandpa on his computer and Kendrick fixed some of his hardware problems) and spent the night at the hotel we went further down south to La Jolla, home of my "Aunt" Susan, who is more like me than my mother ever will be. (Really, Susan is the ultimate in cool. She's single and a graphic artist and she has an absolutely HUGE ice cream and chocolate stash. I love her to pieces. She's also promised to install Adobe Illustrator and PageMaker on to my computer when she's in town later this month. WAI!) We stayed with Aunt Susan until the 30th, when we drove home. During that time we toured UCSD's campus, (We do that every time we visit, she works there. ^_^) ate at a different ethnicity restruant for every meal, shopped our brains out, and most importantly of all watched two episodes of the Iron Chef. That show is SO beyond hilarious! I love it! Did you know they're doing an American version with William Shatner? Could it be any more cool? Anyway, I was in hysterics when we watched it, because it's just nucking futz. Yeah. If you've never seen it, check it out on the Food Network. (Especially if you're an otaku. The beginning of the show had me thinking of Ranma 1/2 for some reason. ^_^)
When I check in again, I'll update you on my fascinating trek into the wilderness that is Mt. Lassen Nat'l Park & Nat'l Forest.

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