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One-Day Disneyland

Jeans and I decided that it would be fun to take advantage of a Southwest sale by getting tickets to fly down to Anaheim in the morning and fly back to San Jose that same evening. Today we got up extra early to ensure we caught a flight at 7:05 am. My brother drove us to the airport. The plane flight wasn't very exciting, of course, but in only a little over an hour we were touching down in Southern California. By 10:00, we were walking around at Disneyland, gawping at all the Halloween pumpkins that decorated Main Street.

Orange and yellow bunting and piles of pumpkins decorate the buildings. Unfortunately, they're all up at the roofline so it's hard to see them.

It's Halloweentime!

Me 'n' Jeans in front of a gi-normous Mickey Mouse pumpkin. Unlike the smaller pumpkins, many of which were real, this sucker was all plastic.

The park was pretty crowded for September, so we weren't able to go on very many rides. That was pretty disappointing. I think we've been spoiled by visits during non-peak hours (the park's pretty dead in February) and by having our friend Bryan with us, since his disabled pass lets us bypass lines. Several rides were closed, too, including the hugely popular Indiana Jones ride (boo!), which normally will eat up crowds via its extremely long queue.

The Casey Jones Circus Train and Storybook Land Canal Boats were also down.

Since we weren't able to get onto the rides without incredibly long waits, we ended up going around and getting our pictures taken with characters. While wandering around near Snow White's Grotto, we found Princess Aurora:

I don't know why she always stands with her hands clasped; it feels terribly girly.

We were on our way over to the Haunted Mansion when I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a very familiar white face:

Jack, whatever are you looking at?

I grabbed Jeannie and pointed, and the next thing I know we're sprinting across the park, trying to get to him. There's a very complicated queue in our way, so we had a lot of ropes to dodge and jump around. Finally, we got over to Jack's photo line...only to be told that they weren't allowing additional people to join up. We'd have to wait 'til he came back out an hour or two later. BUMMER.

But we came back and got our picture with Jack and Sally anyway.
The "Jack" was really good - sounded just like the movie character!

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Over in Frontierland, the Big Thunder Ranch had been transformed into a Halloween Carnival. There were games to play, pumpkin carvings to admire...and a mysterious tent in which villains could be conjured!!!


Sounds awesome!

Get your tickets here from the man in the booth"!

Meet your favorite villains!

Just for fun, indeed!

The magic box from which the villain will appear in a blast of smoke!

Ta da! There were, in theory, six different villains that could appear.

Wicked Queen

Captain Hook

There was also a wheel you could spin to get your fortune.

My Halloween Fortune

The Halloween Carnival was actually really fun, and compared to the rest of the park it was surprisingly quiet. I think a lot of people just walked right by without realizing it was there.

The other Halloween thing that we did was ride Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy. Jeannie loved it. I did not. I don't like normal Space Mountain because I heartily dislike being in the dark while strapped down, and adding speed to that only increases my discomfort. It was my hope that the ghosts would help...but unfortunately, they didn't. The 'space ghosts' were much creepier than I expected. They remind me of the Stephen Gammell illustrations for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark; absolutely ghastly. But they're red and made of galaxies, so to me they were less ghost and more alien. Aliens aren't nearly as scary. The ride's much the same, except that the galaxy projections are much brighter because of the new images - so much so that you can see the skeleton of the roller coaster you're riding on. That was not comforting.

I think I like my ghosts to be of a jollier variety, all in all.

But it was a fun trip; we saw a lot of cool stuff and, even though we didn't get a lot of pins traded or ride a lot of attractions, it was pretty nice to just walk around and look at everything.
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