Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Quote of the Day: Ogden Nash

Far from being the thief of Time, procrastination is the king of it.
--  Ogden Nash

Ain't that the truth of things?  When I think about all the ways that I waste time in a single day, I feel bad enough; but what really burgles my productivity is procrastination, and the thought that surely I'll do it later, so it's OK to fill my time now with otherwise unnecessary/worthless/pointless tasks.  It's the thoughts along the lines of, "Sure, I need to read that chapter of my textbook for homework today, but I don't have to do that 'til this evening, so I can spend the morning watching stupid reality TV shows on Netflix."  Then when the evening comes, I'm like, "Oh crap!  I didn't do anything today!"

Mastering procrastination - if I manage that, I'll be the king of time.  That's what Mr. Nash is saying, right?
Tags: lazy, quotes
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