Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


You remember those maggot-things I found in the kitchen last week?

It turns out that I didn't eradicate them. How do I know, when the little worms have squiggled past me for several days? Well, I'm no entomologist but the fact that our kitchen is SUDDENLY SWARMING WITH FLIES seems like a pretty good clue to me.

I walked into the kitchen and there were little brown triangular dots on the cupboards. There were at least twenty, perhaps more. All of them little winged creatures. I was so surprised that I screamed a little, bringing Seanie into the room so that he could panic about the bugs, too.

We spent the next twenty to thirty minutes squishing as many of the bugs as we could with wads of Kleenex. Luckily, they are very sluggish fliers, whatever they are, so we did eventually get most of them. (I would say 'all' but I have a sneaking suspicion that more of them are hiding nearby.) Seanie even took a few photos so that he could ask around on the Internet to find out what the bugs are.

This is a nightmare. We're probably going to have throw all the food outside the refrigerator out, because there's just no way to be certain it's not infected. It's so frustrating!

At least Seanie's back from Japan to suffer with me.
Tags: bugs, food, gross, home life, housewife

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